Ashley Nicole







Dedicated to our firstborn daughter

Ashley Nicole

June 20th 2001-July 7th 2001


Always in our thoughts, always in our hearts

Love Mommy and Daddy


Fly, fly little wing
fly beyond imagining
the softest cloud, the withest dove
upon the wind of heaven's love
past the planets and the stars
leave this lonely world of ours
escape the sorrow and the pain
and fly again

fly, fly precious one
your endless journey has begun
take your gentle happiness
far too beautiful for this
cross over to the other shore
there is peace forevermore
but hold this memory bitter sweet
until we meet

fly, fly do not fear
don't waste a breath don't shed a tear
your heart is pure, your soul is free
be on your way, don't wait for me
above the universe you'll climb
on beyond the hands of time
the moon will rise, the sun will set
but I won't forget

Fly, fly little wing
fly where only angels sing
fly away, the time is right
go now... find the light!



She brought me to this beauty
The Angel of sweet flight
She lifted me to heaven
Showed me stars so bright

Held within her arms now
Flying up above
Filled with love forever
Soft heartbeats of her love

Travel with her daily
As she looks across the land
Reaching for the beauty of
The love that fills her hands

Such love comes softly floating
With wings of angel's heart
The love she shares so sweetly
With joy that never parts

Within the sky a lantern
The glow that's always there
The wings of God's sweet angel
With peace a loving prayer

I'll stay with you forever
We'll travel through the sky
Your love is my salvation
My wings are yours to fly.


You were only here for a short while,

But the difference you made in so many lifes,

The hope you gave to us,

Will, like you, Our precious little

Angel Ashley,


Never be forgotten!

We love you!

Mommy and Daddy